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Create the brand today that shapes tomorrow

You know them when you see them. They’re clear, cohesive and compelling. It takes vision and a solid strategy to connect with audiences today and continue to thrive in an accelerated, ever-evolving world.

I work with companies of all sizes to authentically define their brand and bring it to life with a unique voice, messaging and copy. As a dedicated strategic and creative partner, I become part of each client’s team and together we create tomorrow’s great brands.


As a perennial seeker of the new and interesting, my career path has traversed the fields of copywriting, branding, neuroscience and art restoration—from New York to Rome and back again. Starting with a BA from Smith College, each step along the way has informed the next.

My career as a wordsmith began writing neuroscience research papers and translating scientific papers from Italian for publication in English-language medical journals. That led to work as a medical writer for Ayerst Laboratories, Grey Advertising, and others. As my love for language and creative expression grew, so did my interest in steering my career in that direction.

When the opportunity presented to join a boutique agency known for their expertise in naming and verbal branding, I was all in. At Applebaum Associates, I worked with category leaders like Coca-Cola, L’Oreal, Condé Nast, Unilever, Microsoft, Diageo and Johnson & Johnson. Later, I became the Managing Director of Applebaum and lead the team on major branding and rebranding initiatives. I also broadened the scope of services to include visual branding and marketing communications in a scalable model that smaller businesses could afford. 


It’s inspiring working with start-ups, entrepreneurs, nonprofits and category leaders bringing new brands to life and evolving existing brands to stay relevant but true to their core. 

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