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Mingle Sparkling Mocktails


Brand strategy, Brand voice, Concept copy,
Manifesto, Headlines, Tagline, Packaging copy,
Sell sheet

When Laura Taylor — mother, wife, business professional, socializer — decided to be alcohol free, she quickly discovered it’s a desert out there for those who choose not to booze. Drinking seltzer at parties was an unspirited bore, leaving her feeling left out and flat. That’s when she decided to create Mingle Sparkling Mocktails, a line of all natural, non-alcoholic, cocktail-inspired fusions.

Mingle was quickly in demand and on the shelf at local and national retailers. Laura could have rested on that success, but knew the branding could be better and decided to do something about it. Together, we evolved the brand, clearly defining and differentiating it from the competition, with messaging and a look and feel that conveys an elevated, fun experience. Cheers!


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